ServiceCall Pro is an application aimed at any organisation managing multiple responsive calls and field operatives. It allows clients to record, monitor and report on their field operational status in seconds.



To allow for maximum flexibility, with minimum disruption and intrusion, the application has been written as a web based solution. There are no setup or compatibility issues. Users with an internet connection are able to start using ServiceCall Pro immediately with no conflict to existing systems and hardware.



By storing client information on a central database, ServiceCall Pro gives its users secured access to data, both current and historic, at the touch of a button. Within seconds, clients can access files that may take hours to find using current methods and, despite the use of computer systems, still generate many unnecessary pieces of paper, phone calls and other electronic communications.



Detailed and tailored reports with infinite historical content can be produced. The filtering and search capabilities enable clients to openly monitor key contractor performance. ServiceCall Pro will also enable the production of other key information, including real time monitoring of contractors and calls, alert updates for specific works orders and void properties, highlight persistent tenant abuse, and provide fault trend analysis and relevant KPI information.


Remote Access

With full implementation of the ServiceCall Pro solution, transparency is maintained and efficiency spreads from client through contractors, to field operatives and back to the client. Remote smart phone devices will enable real time client access and monitoring. The added value from this system is that paperwork and telephone calls can be virtually eliminated.



First and foremost ServiceCall Pro provides its clients and their customers with a fully featured web application built using the latest software technologies enabling them to record, monitor and report on their field operations.



By creation of a virtually paperless process ServiceCall Pro offers clients of all sizes huge economies of scale. In a case study, a small contractor with an annual turnover of £1.2 million has proved savings in time, telephone calls, faxes, emails and improved staff efficiency and translated these into real financial savings of over £10,000 per annum.



Unlike other service based software applications, ServiceCall Pro goes one step further by allowing authorised and limited third party access to the data held. Clients simply log an order on the system to the relevant contractor and then monitor progress until calls are resolved. Any issues arising during the order process can be clearly flagged and dealt with immediately.



ServiceCall Pro facilitates true partnering principles to be implemented and maintained between clients and trusted contractors and can help forge strong, long-term business relationships.



With an almost paperless system, and all round greater efficiencies, ServiceCall Pro will have a positive impact on the environment.



ServiceCall Pro has been designed to make viewing and operation as simple as possible to use whilst still providing a huge, powerful resource to clients, contractors and end users alike.