1. Logging in to the application.

Information required to gain access to ServiceCall Pro.


2. The heart of the application

The summary screen serves as the main view of your active service calls and also gives you access to all other parts of the application.


3. Adding a service call

Getting the right information in to the application is vital for an efficient system.


4. Adding a note

The will be times during the life of a service call when you will need to record a bit more information.


5. Resolving a service call

When the service call has been completed (or cancelled) it must be resolved so that the call will no longer appear on the summary list.

6. Adding Customers.

Creating a record of your most valuable asset.


7. Adding Customer Contacts

Giving you quick access to the important numbers and addresses.


8. Adding Customer Service Levels

Managing your customers expectations.


9. Adding Customer Parts

A Labour & Parts lists for your customers ensures accurate invoicing every time.