What is ServiceCall Pro?

ServiceCall Pro is a new web-based system designed to ease the administrative burden of managing service calls and customer cares by eliminating paperwork systems and making vital information instantly available.

Developed with the latest Microsoft technologies, ServiceCall Pro is an application which is used to record, manage and report on service calls and customer cares.

New jobs are input via a simple to use entry form and then saved to a secure database. Jobs are then listed in target date order on a summary screen and colour coded to provide an immediate visual indication of their status. As the list grows with each job entered so does the power of ServiceCall Pro providing the capability to accurately sort and filter data. Tracking jobs and finding historical information on them is now available in an instant.

Once a job has been completed it disappears from the main summary screen ensuring that only those calls that need attention remain visible on screen. Completed jobs remain in the system and can be easily retrieved using the flexible and powerful search and filter capabilities of the application. ServiceCall Pro has strong and accurate reporting functions that provide detailed analysis of engineer efficiency together with key performance statistics which are measured against agreed service level agreements.

By the addition of remote access for field engineers using a smart phone device, the system becomes virtually paperless with orders being sent to engineers and updated by the engineers electronically in real time.


Remote Access

With the use of a smart phone field engineers can send and receive service call updates in real time wherever they are.

SCP Remote is designed to work on iPhone devices which double up as their mobile phone and as such are usually available as free upgrades from business mobile phone providers. Service engineers now have the ability of working completely remotely from an office as all their job information is delivered, received, monitored and resolved electronically from a single hand-held unit which has real time link to the main ServiceCall Pro application.

Engineers no longer need waste time and expenses travelling to an office to pick up or drop off paperwork for jobs. The remote application is fully featured allowing the engineer to receive and resolve service calls, add notes and create appointments.


Nothing to Install

Installing new software on to a computer is never as straightforward as it should be. There are many potential problems and issues from driver conflicts to incompatible hardware. That’s why ServiceCall Pro is web-based, there are no installation issues with current IT systems as users simply go to a web page and log in from there using a standard web browser available on every computer.

Another significant benefit is that being a web based application means that there are no support costs involved in setting up the application. There is no need for extra dongles and no hidden costs for additional users. Whether one or one hundred people access the system the cost is the same.


Instant Information Available Anywhere

Access to the system can be gained from any computer anywhere in the world, whether meeting at customers premises, working from home or abroad on holiday users just log in on the internet to access the information.

Another advantage is the optional ability to allow customers to view their data as well. By giving customers log in credentials they have immediate full read only access to information specific to their jobs that would otherwise only be available by the usual protracted methods of phone calls, faxes and emails.


Saving You Money

Using ServiceCall Pro with remote access will virtually eliminate the need for costly and time consuming paperwork and telephone calls overnight.

The costs involved with generating, printing, filing, faxing and posting paper work can be quite a burden on a business. When adding in other factors like the time staff spend trawling through paperwork to find information and responding to customer queries there are considerable savings to be made through increased efficiency and customer service.

Adding remote access saves even more money and improves efficiency still further as the engineers visit the office less meaning more time in the field doing jobs. Engineers can geographically group their calls and spend much less time on needless visits to the office for paperwork saving a small fortune on fleet running costs.


Bespoke Design

ServiceCall Pro is a mature system that has been tried and tested within an established window business over a number of years, but that doesn't mean development stops there.

The requirements of the system are evolving with use and critique received from our customers. We are constantly finding ways to make the application better and give added value to our customers.

We realise that no two business are exactly the same that’s why ServiceCall Pro has been designed in such a way that its can be individually tailored to any business. If a company sends staff to dwellings to carry out minor works they have a need for ServiceCall Pro.

If there is something specific that your business needs we are happy to discuss options for bespoke development that can tailor the application to your specific requirements.