8. Adding Customer Service Levels


Service levels are your commitment to your customer. They dictate the performance of your engineers against the required level of support needed by your customer.

A service level must have a name but more importantly it must be given a value in either days, hours or both. The number of lead days and/or hours represent the time given to a job within which it must be completed before it goes out of target and turns red on the summary screen.

Optionally a service level can be given a warning level in days and/or hours. This serves as an indicator to you that a job is almost out of target. Warning days/hours represent the amount of time you require to be warned before a job becomes out of target. A warning is displayed in orange on the summary list.


When a service level is added to a customer it is marked with a green tick in the service levels list, as below. Green ticks indicate the service levels available for that customer. Adding/removing exisitng service levels between customers can be done by simply clicking on the red cross or green tick against the appropriate service level.